about us

Life Mastery Hub is a wellbeing platform activating conscious wellbeing in the workplace through tailored solutions.

Our services are designed to help businesses develop a more conscious approach to work and encourage deeper self-awareness for driven professionals.

We share our love for wellbeing through heart-centered solutions within fast-paced environments as an opportunity to restore the body-mind complex and increasing workplace happiness, creativity, wellbeing, and productivity.

I believe wellbeing for all in the workplace
is the way forward and I'm glad we contribute to this revolutionary way of thinking.

Our founder

Hi I'm Ness


An enthusiast & fervent optimist about life's outcome.

I've always been passionate about all matters related to wellbeing. When the time has come to make a career move, I decided to create Life Mastery Hub, a wellness sanctuary offering wellbeing services for companies and their employees. As I worked for many years in a stressful environment, I understand the demands of a hectic job and now as a Meditation Instructor, Coach, Sound Alchemist, and Reiki Master Teacher, I strive to offer conscious wellbeing services dedicated to bringing more balance and harmony in the workplace.

Ness xo

How we roll


We love being of service and helping others is our driving force


We believe inner wellbeing is the key to thrive on all levels


We strive to offer the highest level of service by mastering what we do


Everything we do comes from a heart centered place